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what time?

In preparing to take my LSATs, I’ve done NO knitting, spinning, dyeing, or anything remotely fun creative.

All that is over, and I’m currently baking some super cute stitch markers that I hope to have on the site unless the girls beg to have them turned into charm bracelets (which happens more often than not.)

I have one whole glorious summer off.  I may knit socks all summer, I don’t know.

*ding* said the toaster oven… stitch markers are done.  If I don’t update soon, enjoy your summer!!!



I’ve been concentrating Diva... aran weighton getting a consistent feed while spindling, and I’ve gotten a lot better at it of late.  I had some Targhee top roving in the Diva colorway, so I spindled a bit of that up.

I still want a spinning wheel though.

Late-night needle run

Syd's Boys' yarnLast night, Evelyn (my 4 yr old) and I went to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some size 8 DPNs and point protectors for the socks.  Then I stopped by Lola’s house and bought some of her gorgeous alpaca yarn so that I can make a scarf for myself (the winters are brutal here).

Syd’s Boys’ yarn (listed on Lola’s site as “white alpaca”)  is marshmallowy soft, and made of top-quality blanket fleece.  It’s not listed on the site, but this is a worsted/aran weight yarn; I’d recommend US 7 needles.  Oh my… it makes you just want to be naked in it.  I love, love, love alpaca yarn.  LOVE it.  Now to find a pattern…

Noro Kureyon SockFive or so inches into my sock, I went into the kitchen to make lunch for the kids… I came back to find Miss Em walking just as fast as she can with  my sock needles… without the sock.  I found it under my desk, and she stretched open the cuff, so I had to frog it.  *sigh*

In order to cheer myself up, I went to the Mercantile and picked up a skein of Noro Kureyon Sock, size 1 DPNs, and size 1 circs so I can master Magic Loop. Well, I originally went there to get size 8 DPNs, but they only had the 6 inch lengths and I need at least an 8 inch for the sleeves of Evie’s sweater.  I’ll have to pick some up tomorrow at JoAnn or something, since that is the only other place to get a flipping knitting needle in these parts (without driving 2 hours).

Shalom is going well.  I’m about 25% into the body portion of the sweater.  I will have to pick up some buttons when I’m in Erie this coming weekend (and the DPNs might wait until then, come to think.)  I think the Cultured Purl is open on the weekend… I’ll have to check.

That is all for now. I’m going to go work on my sock. Sock

Progress Reports…

Shalom progressWell, I finished Drive-Thru up to the armpits, and will cast on for the sleeves just as soon as I procure another pair of size 8 bamboo dpns.  I have no earthly clue where mine waltzed off to, but they’re not here.  I could knit them flat, but my only size 8 straights are busy with the scarf (still) and I don’t care to knit them on the circs.  There that is.

So, I cast on for Shalom.  I *really* like the version that Hapichick on Ravelry did, so I’m going to attempt emulation, unless I change my mind.  I’ll knit sleeves on it, definitely; I’m just not sure the leaf panel (which I love, btw) will show up nicely in the thick-thin Silky Flamme I have. I’m about 5 inches into the yoke, so it will be time to decide upon that rather soonish.  Regardless, a cable would work.

I’ve also thought about the possibilities of said project… how I could tweak it about to make it something more intricate.  I might have a bit of a play about that.

I really should be reading my criminal justice stuff tho.  I just really want to knit.


Drive-Thru progressI cast on for Drive-Thru today, since classes have started, I have a migraine, and I don’t feel as if I have the time to pay attention to squat anymore (yes, I’m whining.  I do that occasionally.)  Anyway, I love how it’s coming out.  Miss Evie doesn’t like close-fitting ribbing, so instead of using 7 circs to do the ribbing, I just cast on the 8’s and it’ll end up being more decorative than functional.  Also, next time, I’m not casting on with a backward loop.  Right now, 2 inches into the sweater, it just doesn’t look as neat as I’d like.  I still might frog it and start over… but likely it’ll end up working itself out.  I really like the yarn I got for the project; Luna by Cascade Yarns.  I’m not usually a fan of 100% cotton, but this is soft and doesn’t dry my hands out like cotton usually does.

I’ll post pics eventually.


Celestial Stitch Markers Sooo… I decided to try my hand at making stitch markers since I have a rudimentary knowledge of jewelry making.  I think I did pretty well, and after rubbing them on the scarf, have made them 99% snag-free.  If I can conquer the snag factor (these three I made really didn’t  snag at all) then I might just sell them on Etsy.

I took the pic with my Blackberry, so it’s a bit blurry… but the idea is there.